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Sustainable Carpet Renovations

Over the summer months, select schools received badly needed carpet replacement. UCPS chose InterfaceFLOR for its looks, durability, and because it is an environmentally responsible building material. All of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the lifecycle (the manufacturing of raw materials through the end of the product’s useful life) have either been eliminated or offset by a range of initiatives InterfaceFLOR has invested in including reforestation, renewable energy, and carbon sequestration, among others. All InerfaceFLOR products under the Cool Carpet program are certified Climate Neutral and has been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute as being Green Label Plus.

UCPS saved 10-15% in carpet material waste by using Cool Carpet squares versus rolled carpet which means money savings as well. Using carpet squares also allows staff to easily change out tiles that are damaged or stained to keep our schools looking fresh and clean. The carpet chosen carries a twenty year manufacturer’s warranty for performance failure so it will be in our schools for many, many years to come. Carpet replacement at just one school (approximately 1930 square yards) is equivalent to: avoiding 55,000 pounds of GHG emissions, 2,844 gallons of gasoline saved, five cars not driven for one year, or three households not using electricity for one year.

Piedmont High School media center, Sun Valley High School media center and band room, as well as the new Forest Hills High School transition to adulthood suite were all recipients of new carpet.

Written by: Lauren Gordon
Posted: Oct 23, 2012 by Lauren Gordon

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