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Earth Science Week Pledges

Students post their pledges to the pledge tree.

In honor of World Earth Science week, which was October 15-19, the Environmental Club put together a Pledge Tree. On Tuesday, CATA students made pledges to help the environment.

At lunch time, each student took a paper leaf and wrote their pledge; they were all unique. For example, some students pledged to take shorter showers, some to use less electricity, one student even pledged to follow people around and turn off all the lights after them.

A few days earlier, Environmental Club member Gaige Robinson cut out and put together a large paper tree, which was then taped onto the cafeteria wall. A combined effort was then put forth by all Environmental Club members to draw and cut out over 350 leaves.

On pledge day, all leaves were taped onto the tree, each with a pledge to help the environment. Through this simple project, over 350 high school students were inspired to change the little things in their life that affect our Earth.

In addition, the Environmental Club also put together informational posters promoting different ways to help the environment. On this poster, the members have a section titled “How can I slay the energy vampires in my house?” Some of the examples include only buying products and appliances labeled with the ENERGY STAR, which identifies products that “are among the lowest power consuming in their category in standby mode.”

Another example listed was unplugging chargers when not using them. Chargers use plenty of energy even when they aren’t actually plugged into your phone, camera, iPod, or any other devices. The energy is being used as soon as the charger is plugged into any outlet. Environmental Club member Gaige Robinson says “I was surprised to see how many people pledged. It was a really good turn-out. Also, the tree looked awesome!”

The Environmental Club would like to thank all the teachers and students for taking a pledge to help the environment. The Pledge Tree was a huge success and it was great to see so many people involved in World Earth Science Week! 

Written by: Emma Rose, CATA Student
Posted: Oct 23, 2012 by Deb Christensen

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