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Collaborative Clustering

Banner is presented to Band Director, Mr. Ian Faires and band member, Mark Turner.

The Porter Ridge Cluster has been teaming up in all areas of education. Working together has benefited both the elementary and high school students.

Porter Ridge High School’s Theatre Department welcomed the “Jungle Book” cast with open arms. The High School’s help with sound, lighting, and stage usage helped make the show a huge success. Several Art Honors Society high school students from Porter Ridge have already begun to help with this year’s production by painting the wood scenery.

AP English students have been tutoring elementary students in the morning before school. High School Teacher Cadets are supporting elementary students every day in many ways. Assisting in core subjects as well as daily routine is a great support to classroom teachers. The cadets are gaining valuable hands-on experience that will be valuable in their future education endeavors.

Porter Ridge High School students have been featured to inspire young students. Recently the elementary school presented the High School Band Director with a Congratulations Banner on the morning announcements for their hard work and achievements during a competition. On November 15th the High School ROTC will be presenting the colors during the Veteran’s Day Porter Notes Concert.

This “collaborative clustering” is sure to keep students connected and working together in the future.

Written by: Katie Riedinger
Posted: Oct 24, 2012 by Angela Gaio

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