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Finding shapes in our world.

 One of the challenges that every grade faces is making math real and exciting for kids. For teachers and parents it is important to show kids ways we use math in our everyday world. We might be showing kids how counting by fives and tens can help them count their piggy bank, or that learning to visualize numbers using fives frames or tens frames can help them figure out problems quickly. Another way that the kindergartners are learning how math can help them is by searching for shapes in our world.

The children were really excited to go outside and search for the shapes that we are learning. We looked for circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and diamonds (a.k.a parallelograms). Check out some of the fun pictures of the kids and the shapes that they found.

Once back inside we discussed how thinking about the shapes we see in our world can help us in many ways. If we think about what shapes things are, we can get a better picture in our minds when we are visualizing stories and it can even help us when we are writing. It helps kids a lot to think of how to draw items by thinking about what shape the item needs to be. Take for example drawing a house. If the kids can see this as a square for the building, a triangle for the roof, a rectangle for the door and squares for the window, it becomes a lot easier to draw. Making math real and giving reasons why we learn math helps motivate our students and apply the skills to real life.

Written by: Amy Kamp, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Oct 25, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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