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Freshmen Cavs Receive 1:1 Laptops

Julia Sengbush, Brandi Walker, Ms. Stephanie Williams, and Kaitlyn Stuart enjoy a class activity using the new Lenovo laptops. The students received the computers October 15 as part of the UCPS 1:1 Initiative.

CHS freshmen became part of the Union County 1:1 Laptop Initiative on October 15 as over 300 students were issued new Lenovo laptops. The laptops are used throughout the day as technology tools for learning. Ms. Stephanie Williams, English I teacher, said, “One advantage of the laptops is that students can access activities on my Moodle page and we can work on them in class.” 

One of the activities she planned that integrates the laptops is a virtual field trip that allows the students to “visit” and learn about haunted places all around the world using the new laptops. After visiting the class Moodle page for the assignment, students in her freshmen Honors I class navigate through Google Earth and various websites to not just read about the places, but actually see real time views of them and the surrounding areas.

Some of the haunted locations students learned about and viewed virtually were Les Catacombes in Paris, France, the Edinburgh Vaults of Scotland, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland, the Castle Bran in Romania (also known As Dracula’s Castle), the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, and even the Blakeney House in Monroe, NC. After researching and exploring the areas, students will write their own ghostly tales to share with classmates on what other day – than Halloween! The laptops provided all the tools the students needed for the entire learning activity.

“I like being able to access things easier, just like this activity in class,” said Samuel Bareham.

“Having a laptop is more convenient,” said Blake Williams.

“You can do a lot more than by just having pencil and paper,” said Ashlyn Williams.

“It’s nice that we can do activities like this,” said Ms. Williams. “And, I don’t have to print things out for the students to work on.”

Kaitlyn Stuart said, “I use them in History and Math. We take notes and we do projects on them.”

The UCPS 1:1 Initiative is designed to increase global awareness, promote innovation, and encourage student success. Any families who have not yet picked up their laptops may call the CHS Media Center to arrange an appointment.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Oct 25, 2012 by Paula White

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