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Hello Indian Trail Mayor... Again!

Mrs. Hughes' class learned a lot!

We took boxes home because the Indian Trail mayor was coming again. We were going to display them to look like a real town. We had a choice between a small box, a big box, or a house, and we could decorate it however we wanted.  If you got a box, you could make it into a store or business.  If you got a house, you had to decorate it as a real house!

Ms. Cooper printed a paper and separated us into different classes.  Ashley V. was with Ms. Russo.  We got into the library and then we sat down.  Then we were talking about how to keep our city safe.  We got to set our house down first where we wanted it to go, and the people from the Planning Committee talked about why it is important to keep the city safe. 

We learned how not to litter.  If you litter and it starts to rain, it all goes into the lake!  If you have cows, you need a gate because if the cows poops, it will also get in the lake.  One of the Planning Committee people used sprinkles around the buildings and then sprayed water to make it look like rain.  He also told us when a factory or a car leaks, it can also go in the lake.

Ms. Cooper took a picture of us with the mayor.  On a scale of 1 to 1,000, it was 1,000!  Awesome!

Written by: Ms. Cooper's Second Grade Class
Posted: Oct 29, 2012 by Jodi McConkey

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