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A Quick Tour of the Czech Republic

     On October 12, Mrs. Stuka’s fifth graders were able to see the Czech Republic through the eyes of Jana Dubova’ who was born and grew up near Prague and now resides in Massachusetts.  Mrs. Dubova’ was visiting the family of Maresa Duguay, a fifth grade student, and responded to an invitation to share her knowledge about the Czech Republic.
    The students learned many interesting facts about life in the Czech Republic.  Mrs. Dubova’ began by sharing websites with photographs of some of the ancient castles of that region.  Her pride in her former country was evident as she described their famous glass and beads, and informed us that the Czech Republic makes the BEST puck for ice hockey.  We also learned that during World War II, Adolf Hitler was so impressed with the beauty of the city of Prague, that he did not allow any of his forces to bomb that city.  As a result, many buildings from as early as the 9th century can still be seen there today.
     Most people in the Czech Republic do not drive cars.  Cars are a luxury, but they have a great public transportation system with trams, buses, and subways.  Mrs. Dubova’ told us that most people there walk a lot, and so they are in good shape!
         The students plan to keep in touch with Mrs. Dubova’ through emails and skype so that they can continue to learn about the history and culture of the Czech Republic.

Written by: Maureen Stuka
Posted: Oct 29, 2012 by Dana Sullivan

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