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New Town Elementary AIG students read Hatchet

As part of a Gary Paulsen unit, Ms. Jacob's 5th grade AIG students at New Town Elementary Schools read the book Hatchet.

In the beginning of the novel Brian, the main character, is flying in a bush plane and crashes. Therefore, students made paper airplanes.

Students were required to write a “steps in a process” paragraph, showing how they made their planes. Afterward, they traded papers with a partner to see if the other person could fold the airplane using the steps given. Of course the next step was to go outside and actually fly the planes.

As the unit progressed, students learned about the importance of symbols in a novel. In Hatchet, the plane plays a contradictory symbolic role. It represents an ending and a beginning, and contains both death and life. 

Written by: Ann Jacobs
Posted: Oct 30, 2012 by Cathy NeSmith

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