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A visit from Forest Hills ROTC

 On Wednesday, October 24 the ROTC from Forest Hills High School demonstrated how to care for and fold the United States flag to fifth grade students. There were four ROTC officers and their leader. They explained how to properly care for the flag. First they showed how to hoist the flag on the pole each morning and that the US flag must be higher than the North Carolina flag. In the afternoon, when retiring the flag, there is an official way of folding it. It requires two people who stand at each end. They fold it in half, then half again and finally in triangles, with no red showing when they are done. It must be done neatly.

“The ROTC really knew how to care for the flag.” said Jordan Funderburk from Mrs. Contrera’s class. He was very impressed with the seriousness of caring for the flag.
The students also learned that if the flag is upside down it means trouble. If it is a half mast it signifies a soldier has died.

Jasmine Hicks from Mrs. Schacht’s class said, “The ROTC looked like professional military men. They really respected the flag and our country. They saluted the flag to show their respect.”

Darrien Hinton from Mrs. Pendleton’s class said he was impressed with the ROTC and the details about the neatness of their uniforms made him realize how much pride they took in their career choice. “It made me want to join the ROTC in high school too!”.
Four students from each of the fifth grade classes were chosen to care for the flag each day. Students were chosen because they are responsible and trustworthy students. The main theme students realized on that day was a great respect for our American flag and our country that it represents.




Written by: Darrien Hinton, Jasmine Hicks, Jordan Funderburk and Mrs. Schacht
Posted: Oct 31, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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