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Subway Restaurants “Fresh Start Challenge” Winner at Stallings Elementary

Mason Harris, a fifth grader in Mr. Bagshaw’s class, accepts a certificate from the owner of the local Subway Restaurant, Wendell Rowell,for winning the “Fresh Start Challenge.”

 Subway Restaurants awarded Mason Harris, a 5th grader in Mr. Bagshaw’s class, with a surprise visit during a 5th grade assembly on Tuesday, October 30th. Mason and a number of other students in the school took on the “Fresh Start Challenge” from Subway to keep track of the good food and water that they consumed over a two month period. Included in that tracking was the amount of physical activity that the students had over that period. The contest was geared toward increasing the number of meals and snacks that included fresh fruits and vegetables and decreasing screen time by 1.5 hours.

There were only 2 local winners of this contest in the Mecklenburg/Union county area. Mason was one of them. He had no idea that his entry had won and during the assembly he was surprised by Wendell Rowell, local owner of SUBWAY® restaurants and some  managers of the local Subway shop. Mason won a Subway sandwich party for his entire class. He also won a $1,000 CATCH® fitness grant for his school to use in purchasing new PE equipment. Mrs. Mielczak, Stallings Elementary’s Physical Education teacher was very proud and excited about the news. Mason appeared on the local Fox News Rising program on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 along with his teacher, Mr. Bagshaw, where he was congratulated for his hard work and diligence in keeping up with the challenge.

“Overall, the initial results from 123 pilot test contestants are encouraging,” stated Dr. Steven Kelder, co-director of The University of Texas Center for Healthy Living at Austin. “Students met the challenge of eating healthier and reducing screen time.” Mason went above and beyond the requirements of tracking 2 to 3 days a week. He was able to keep track of his eating and exercising every day of the week for 2 months. Mason said, "I found that I drank more water on the weekends after playing outside with my friends."
His entries showed that not only is Mason a good eater, but he also exercises every day and doesn’t watch much television and play many video games.

Subway Fresh Start

Subway owner, Wendell Rowell presents a $1,000 check to
5th grader, Mason Harris and principal, Mrs. Laura Gaddy.

Here is a link to the video of Mason on Fox News Rising

Written by: Janice Deane
Posted: Oct 31, 2012 by Janice Deane

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