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Campfire Fun

On October 31st, Miss Emmons 5th grade class laid their poetry unit to rest with a spooky campfire celebration. Students sat in a circle, as they read their original poetry aloud and ate delicious S'mores! A prize was given out for spookiest reader (Myles Carnahan), and spookiest poem (Harrison Cutrone). Below is the winning poem which gave us both giggles and chills!! 


The Thing


I was the only one home when I heard the back door slam shut,

I had a quiver from my head to my butt,

I rushed to the phone, but,

The electricity was cut,

I ran upstairs to my room,

Got on my computer as quick as boom,

E-mailed my mom with 1% of power left,

I hid under my bed and wept,

"Boom, Boom" he's got a gun! I thought,

Then I heard, "He's caught!"

I went downstairs since I'm now able

I saw that it was a...


Written by: Amy Emmons, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 02, 2012 by Marni Menkin

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