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Mrs. Scopoulis' 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Scopoulis' 5th Grade class has been working on when, where, why and how groups of people settled in different regions of the United States.
The students have been placed in groups of 3-4 kids. The groups has been given a specific region and indian tribe to research. We have the Cherokee Tribe from the Eastern Woodlands, The Siox Tribe from the Plains, The Navajo Tribe from the Desert/Southwest, the Nootka Tribe from the Northwest Coast and the Inuits from the Arctic/Sub Arctic regions.
On November 14th the groups will be presenting their information by being in a live museum, where they will become members of their Indian tribe. The students have been creating clothes, food, shelter, weapons, and posters for the big presentation day! They will also be able to tell us about their tribe.
The children are having a fun time researching information about their tribe and creating their own live museum!


Written by: Nadine Scopoulis, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 05, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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