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Wingate University Speakers Encourage East Union Students to SOAR

Principal Ken Hoover with the student speakers from Wingate University

 During the 2012-2013 school year, East Union has been pushing their students to SOAR. One part of this push is a series of speakers that the principal, Dr. Kenneth Hoover, designed to open the eyes of the students to the endless possibilities that are out there if they are willing to work. He is calling the series Motivating to Soar and this past week, the series kicked off with twelve student athletes from Wingate University, who visited the school to speak to students in small groups. Everyone in the school was able to hear a speaker throughout the day.
The Wingate students shared their stories and talked about the obstacles they had overcome to get where they are in their lives today. They spoke about the importance of setting goals and staying focused on attaining those goals. They also reiterated the importance in behaving at school, making academics a priority, and being respectful of yourself and those around you. Many shared stories about their failures and used those stories to reinforce the importance for thinking for yourself and not giving in to peer-pressure. The series will continue throughout the year with a variety of speakers who will share their life stories, with the goal of inspiring the students to stay focused on the future.
When asked about the speakers, one teacher replied, “It was an amazing day; the students were totally engaged and had many great questions.” One of the sixth grade students commented, “Our speaker had a great story and I know I can be successful if he can overcome some of the same things I am dealing with.”
Dr. Hoover closed the day, stating, “If we want our students to SOAR, we must show them that it is possible to fly, and setting clear goals and staying focused on them is the first step in accomplishing that”.

Written by: Susie Jones
Posted: Nov 07, 2012 by Susie Jones

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