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Honest Thief?

"Is stealing one grain of rice the same as stealing a whole bag of rice?" Ms. Susan McMackin's 3rd grade Global Kids pondered this question after reading "Ooka and The Honest Thief".

The story is a Japanese folktale that generated lots of lively discussion among the students. Gonta, a character in the story, breaks into a storage house and steals rice every night, but only enough to feed his family. The students discussed whether or not they thought this was stealing. Some of them even changed their opinion of what constitutes stealing.

The Global Kids will enjoy lots more of the same kinds of stories and discussions this year to help them in their ability to think and speak effectively.


Written by: Susan McMackin, 3rd Grade Teacher, Walter Bickett Elementary School
Posted: Nov 07, 2012 by Cathy NeSmith

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