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Politics in Middle School

Have you ever wondered what average eighth graders think about politics? Well, some of you are going to find out. Mrs. Jackson's English classes will be doing a project on the two major political parties, Democrat and Republican, and what they stand for. This project will involve the four common core subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.

This project will cover areas such as terrorism, jobs, taxes, and even gun control. Students will have to create a trading card display for each nominee. The trading cards will include name, age, hometown, party affiliation, years of experience, running mate, and even military service. The students also have to write a persuasive piece of 7-10 sentences using facts to support the argument of each candidate. The goal is to convince someone to vote for that specific candidate.

They will also have to take a survey of 15 adults asking them six different and very important questions. Then students will have to post their results into a bar graph. This project will be from Monday, October 29 to Monday, November 7.

Written by: Brian Halliburton and Shaylyn Westley
Posted: Nov 07, 2012 by Christine Courtney

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