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The Results Are In

Happy voters! Mrs. Tsitouris' students look satisified with their votes.

On Monday, November 5th, the hall in the third grade wing was transformed into a voting precinct. The citizens of the Western Union Third Grade Community cast their votes, the votes were counted, and the winners announced. All precincts, Hill, Lacy, Roskoskey, and Tsitouris, reported an overwhelming voter turnout. Once the votes were counted, Pat McCrory had received 37 votes to Walter Dalton’s 28. In the presidential race, Governor Mitt Romney received 36 votes and President Barak Obama received 30.

Prior to the election, each class studied the election process, the Electoral College, and the importance of being an informed voter. To prepare for the presidential and gubernatorial vote, the students participated in several class votes such as the order of the school day, the amount of time for recess, and the amount of homework. A lesson on voter apathy was designed to teach the students that responsible citizens don’t just vote; they must be informed voters. Example: The students were given a ballot and instructed to check yes or no for recess, ice cream, school, homework and television. They were given no other information. Once the votes were tallied, they were given a second ballot which included the facts. On the second ballot, they were to check yes or no for the following items. 1. School will be year round. 2. Recess will be replaced by 20 minutes of sit-ups & push-ups. 3. Only garlic-flavored ice cream will be served in the cafeteria. 4. There will be no homework on the weekends. 5. Television will be in the classroom –but only the commercials. The initial reaction from the students when they were given the second ballot was that they had been tricked. However, a discussion of the importance of being an informed citizen helped them to understand you can’t just vote; you need to know what or whom you are voting for.

The students were anxious to compare the results of the third grade election to the state and national results. Jordan Gragson said, “I felt powerful when I voted because it gives you power”. Ashten Hansley agreed, “It gave me power”. Classmate Alison Funderburke said, “I was excited because I got to vote in an election and to experience how to vote”. Ashlyn Lanphier said, “I felt brave and great that I put my voice out for who I thought should lead us”.

The teachers hope this experience will keep the students interested in the democratic process, appreciative of the right to vote, and encourage them to be active, informed, and responsible citizens!


3rd grade students in Mrs. Tsitouris' class prepare to vote.        


Written by: Julia Tsitouris, Third Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 08, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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