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Be Bold, Be Bald for Cancer Awareness

On Friday, November 2, hundreds of students at Piedmont covered up their locks with a bald cap to increase cancer awareness and raise money for children fighting the disease. In addition to wearing bald caps, several boys shaved their heads, while several girls cut 10” of their hair to donate to Locks of Love. Be Bold, Be Bald is a grassroots cancer fundraiser where for one day, all cancer organizations and people from all over the country unite.

The idea for Be Bold, Be Bald came from art teacher Tracy Price, who had read about the initiative earlier in the year. “We have students who have connections with family members who have had cancer. Some of our colleague’s parents have struggled with cancer and I thought ‘How cool would it be to participate in this.’” Students paid $7 for a bald cap, in which they wrote the name(s) of people they know who have fought or who are fighting cancer, or those who have lost their battle with the disease. Approximately 300 bald caps were sold for this event and money raised will benefit the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.

Piedmont is the first school in Union County to participate in the fourth annual nationwide event. According to Alli Moysakis, “I think this event is awesome because it teaches kids to leave their comfort zone and put others before them. For one day, everybody comes together to support those who have fought or who are fighting the battle.”
On Thursday, November 1st, a parent, who is a professional hairdresser, visited Mrs. Price’s classroom to offer her time and talent to cut hair to donate to Locks of Love. In addition, some of the boys at Piedmont shaved their heads to spread awareness. The morning broadcast aired several commercials that presented facts and statistics about cancer and deaths that occur annually. According to Marissa Counts, who lost an uncle to leukemia when she was four years old, “The videos are kind of emotional, but that’s what affects people. I only remember my uncle being bald for my entire life. We can never fully understand what people with cancer go through, but by wearing the caps, we’re saying, ‘We’re here and we see you and we support you.’

Be Bold, Be Bald is a student-led event and Price said that she’s proud of everything the kids accomplished through this event. “Members of the clubs took bald caps to sell at club meetings, they made posters and videos--that’s the greatest thing about a service project—for the students to take charge of it.”

For more information on the Be Bold, Be Bald initiative, go to beboldbebald.org.

Written by: Donna Helms; Contributions by Alli Moysakis & the Union County Weekly
Posted: Nov 08, 2012 by Donna Helms

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