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What will the weather be? Let's ask Katie Virtue!

 On October 24, 2012 Meteorologist Katie Virtue visited Union Elementary School. She works for Channel 9, NBC, forecasting the weather. Currently the fifth graders are studying weather in science and she gave an informative talk on what a meteorologist does, how important they are and what students would do if they were interested in that field.

Ms. Virtue said she started at an early age looking up at the sky and was in awe of all the stars. She worked hard in school and college. She took many classes like astronomy and tried to pursue her real interest of being an astronaut. “I think she made good choices and put a lot of effort in her education to become a meteorologist. I admire her for that and hope I do the same.” said Emma Starling.

Ms. Virtue talked about how the weather is tracked and had pictures of the equipment they use. “She had cool ‘super’ computer pictures that helped us understand how hard it is to forecast the weather.“ Shelby Collins said, seeming impressed with the technology.
Ms Virtue said they observe a series of maps following weather patterns. She was very honest and said sometimes their forecast is a little incorrect because weather itself is very unpredictable. Jana Aldridge shared her opinion and thought it was extremely nice she came in and helped explain weather. She said it made her understand it so much better hearing how the weather is tracked first hand.

A few students volunteered to use a laser thermometer and discussed how different it was than from a regular thermometer. Everyone was impressed with how technology played such an important role in forecasting the weather. She brought Channel 9 notebooks for every student and encouraged them to record the weather in them. Students have a much better understanding of how weather affects us in so many ways.





Written by: Trent Edwards, Jana Aldridge, Jalen Nettles, Jeniyah Williams, Emma Starling, Shelby Collins and Mrs. Schacht
Posted: Nov 13, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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