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Principals from Argentina Visit CATA

Dr. Poole, right, gives a tour of CATA to visiting principals.

On Wednesday, October 24, CATA hosted several honored guests. Cristina Traverso and Cristina Figueroa, principals from Argentina, are participating in a foreign exchange program funded by the US State Department. They have been visiting schools throughout Union County and partaking in American culture. Dr. Poole escorted the principals throughout the building, visiting all six academies.

They were shocked to see how our students are offered such diverse pathways such as medical, engineering, performing arts, and auto –technology and all in one building. The women explained that back in their school, the main pathway offered is agriculture, since it is the main industry of their country.

They were also very interested in the fact that all 9th graders were given a laptop to use this year. “In Argentina, we don’t have very many resources, so it’s very difficult to operate,” Traverso said with the help of Gustavo Arevalo, the UCPS Latino Outreach Coordinator, who served as their interpreter. She also spoke about several students who live in the elementary school during the week because it’s too far to commute and the roads are not very good for travel.

Dr. Poole learned that Travers’s and Figueroa’s students back in Argentina are not given nearly as many opportunities as our students here are given. Dr. Poole's advice to students based on his recent experience is to “go to as many places as you possibly can, because you develop your own individual belief system. You grow intellectually, you grow emotionally, and you can develop an open mind. When you’re exposed to experiences other than what you’re accustomed to, it brings a new perspective.”  

Written by: Deb Christensen
Posted: Nov 14, 2012 by Deb Christensen

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