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Fourth Graders Visit Town Creek Indian Mound

On November 2nd fourth grade students and teachers traveled to Mt. Gilead to visit historic Town Creek Indian Mound. Located on the Little River in Montgomery County, Town Creek is archaeologically significant because it is the clearest expression of South Appalachian Mississippian tradition.

The Pee Dee culture is unique in the history of North Carolina archaeology. It is here that the first excavations were organized.

Students were able to tour the mound at Town Creek where public meetings and ceremonial activities took place. They also toured several structures, including an earth lodge and some structures that served as burial or mortuary houses. The mound, plaza and habitation zones were enclosed by a stockade made of closely set posts.

Students also toured a museum that contained Pee Dee artifacts, including pottery, pipes, weapons and burial urns. Students even watched a tour guide shoot a bow and arrow, throw a spear, shoot a blow gun, and start a fire.

A friendly game of Chunky was the highlight of the trip. Chunky is a Native American game in which two players toss sticks and try to hit a disc thrown by a third player.

The finale of the trip was the visit to the gift shop where students purchased trinkets like bracelets, dolls, arrowheads, and various other items of the Pee Dee culture.

Written by: Kenn Bowers
Posted: Nov 15, 2012 by Kenn Bowers

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