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Mr. Lacy's 3rd Grade Helps WUES Give Back

Sarissa Jackman, Nyla Moore, Landon Richardson, and Kaylie Davis, show off some of the food they have collected

In light of the holiday season, everyone is filled the spirit of giving. As a key part of the union county community, WUES has launched itself into a canned food drive. The WUES students have been challenged to donate canned foods and non-perishable items to help families in need. The challenge has been set. WUES is asking that every student donate at least two cans, by November 27th. If the WUES students can rise to the challenge, they will be rewarded will a thrill filled spirit week.

While studying communities Mr. Lacy's third grade class saw the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand. Mr. Lacy's class has taken the personal responsibility to help motivate students and staff to help WUES reach their goal. Mr. Lacy's class has also volunteered to help collect, count, donate the can goods. The goods will be donated to a local agency to help families in need. Third Graders Kaylie Davis and Sarissa Jackman have taken charge of this project. Together they decided that Mr. Lacy's Class will reach out to every student, in every classroom, to motivate them to make the extra effort to meet the school wide goal.

Mr. Lacy's class is excited to see the WUES students giving their best, to help others. The third graders of room 117 will see you on November 27 ready to collect, count, and celebrate WUES giving back to its community.


Written by: Chris Lacy, Third Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 19, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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