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Fourth Grade Studies Italy

Shannon, Ben and Jake talk about Italy!

This 2012-2013 school year the fourth graders will "Rome" through Italy! The fourth grade team of teachers, which includes Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Ginder, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Sarcona, and Mrs. Schilling have prepared their classrooms and their curriculum to integrate many aspects of Italy and the Italian culture. When students enter other fourth grade classrooms, they can see the comparisons between our country and state to the country of Italy, as well as have a representation of many facts and images of Italy.

In addition to the integration of information of Italy throughout our lessons, students will be gaining knowledge about the country during our Growing Gators time where we have planned a "TGIF...Together Getting Italy Facts," Day. During this time, we will be focusing on Italy while we further develop our reading comprehension skills. We will incorporate articles, information video clips, explore valuable websites such as the Time for Kids link on the study of Italy. These resources will allow students the opportunity to read, learn, and develop an understanding of another culture.

Additionally, once a month, the students will explore the 7 Elements of Culture on Italy.  Through our "Passports to Italy" project, the students will rotate throughout the 4th grade classes to learn about the different elements of Italy.  They will build their passports, so they can take a "trip" to our Italian celebration at the end of the year.  We have also had a few parents and community members that have come into our classrooms to share information and experiences relating to Italy.  We invite any parents or friends that would like to come in to join us in our exploration of Italy this year.

The students are extremely excited - some students have researched information and created posters about Italy to put on display in classrooms!  Jake Moraja, a student in 4th grade, has shared that he loved learning about a new coutnry, where he used links from the teachers Moodle pages to research the country.  Shannon Ries, another 4th grade student, said she would love to learn how people are greeted in Italy and thought it would be fun to try and celebrate with the foods of Italy.  While Ben Seaford, yet another student, said he would like to do a project creating structures of famous places, or illustrate pictures of famous Italians.  The students have given great input and have shown so much enthusiasm about learning a new culture.

Written by: Lisa Schilling, Fourth Grade AIG teacher
Posted: Nov 19, 2012 by Kathy Gwinn

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