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Very Special Arts Receives Humanitarian Award

Tracy Price, Jan Kerley, Scott Meier, and Susan Helms (from Porter Ridge, Piedmont and Parkwood High Schools) received a Humanitarian of the Year Award.

On November 10, Jan Kerley, Tracy Price, Susan Helms and Scott Meier (from Porter Ridge, Piedmont and Parkwood High Schools) received a Humanitarian of the Year Award for their collaborative work on bringing VSA (Very Special Arts) Day to the children of Union County. They were presented the award at the Artist Music Guild Heritage Awards Ceremony in Fort Mill, SC.

As part of the awards ceremony, they had the opportunity to walk down the red carpet and dress up, but, more importantly, they enjoy working together with the National Art Honor Societies and art student volunteers every year to bring the arts to the physically and mentally disabled students in Union County.

As part of VSA, these students are provided a day of fun, immersed in the arts. The community is always very supportive and the fire department gets into the act each year, bringing a fire truck for the children to climb in and see what it looks like from the driver's seat.

The visiting students create arts and crafts at individual booths created by art students from the different high schools in our county, all connected by the "theme" chosen for that year. There is face painting, bouncing, singing, dancing and even a petting zoo. Area restaurants and sports mascots join the fun in the opening ceremonies.

VSA has had the privilege of utilizing Benton Heights Elementary School's front courtyard for the past two years for this event and appreciate their willingness to help. Each art teacher is very proud of his/her high school art clubs who volunteer to participate and share their love of the arts with these students.

Jan Kerley said, "We are looking forward to this Spring and a brand new VSA day!"



Written by: Jan Kerley, Fine Arts Department Chair
Posted: Nov 20, 2012 by Regina Snelson

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