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Snakes Alive!!!

Heidi Little gently pets a 13 foot Burmese Python during the Snakes Alive presentation.

Snakes Alive slithered into New Salem Elementary on November 19th, 2012 and educated the students in grades K-5. This was a wonderful hands-on learning experience for all involved. Mr. Ron Cromer taught the children about the local species of snakes as well as snakes from other parts of the world. He taught us how to identify snakes by looking at the patterns on their leathery skin, the various types of snake habitats, their internal organs and functions, and most importantly how crucial snakes are to ecosystems around the world. The children were wide eyed and excited while carefully holding the snakes. This enriching experience has helped many children overcome their fears and learn to understand and appreciate snakes from all over the world. The teachers have enhanced this school-wide learning experience with nonfiction research in their classrooms and incorporated writing personal narratives, investigations, and amazing snake facts. The highlight of the day for most students, teachers, and parents alike was the rare opportunity to hold a Burmese Python weighing over 100lbs!

Written by: Neil Hawkins, Principal
Posted: Nov 20, 2012 by Gina James

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