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Geography Week

Students had fun navigating around CultureGrams and learing more about other countries.

In honor of Geography Week, November 11th - 17th, students in the media center visited the CultureGrams website. CultureGrams has a part of their website dedicated for kids to visit. Students are able to choose which continent and then which country they wish to learn more about. The website provides information like, population, climate, sports, food, currency, videos, slideshows, recipes and more! Students in first through fifth grades were given the opportunity to navigate around the website to learn more about the country they are studying in class.

Rocky River Elementary is helping make our students become more globally aware by having each grade level study a continent. Within that continent each classroom is studying a specific country. For example, third grade is stuyding Europe and Mr. Pascarella's class is studying Italy.  Students learn about the culture, heritage, language, dress, and much more about the country they are studying.

CultureGrams is a great website to help students with their studies.  Students can visit this website at home or at school.  We have a quick link located on the Media Center Main Page of our website.  Check it out!

Written by: Heather Shulman
Posted: Nov 20, 2012 by Heather Shulman

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