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It Takes A Village

Mrs. Jeffcoat works with students.

Have you ever said “I sure wish the teacher could answer this question? Or what does the teacher want us to do with this?” Third graders and their parents have that opportunity a couple times a month! The Village meeting is a study hall complete with teachers. Students are invited to bring in their homework and sit down with mom or dad and the teacher for some extra help. The study hall is also open for siblings.
Understanding that parents are their child’s best resource a collaborative study hall is the perfect place for teachable moments. Parents help parents help students in all academic subjects. This also gives parents a chance to meet and form friendships through their students.
After a good work session students and parents are treated to a light supper. This gives families the extra time to devote to the homework at hand. It usually consists of pizza or subs and a lot of good company. Once the tummies are full we go right back to finishing homework. If students finish their assignments before their siblings they usually grab a book out of the class library and are able to log a few extra minutes in their reading journal. Students seem to appreciate reading to different people during study hall.
While everyone is working teachers are available for questions or one- on-one guidance for students and parents. While helping parents understand the expectations and the new Common Core curriculum, we begin to build the support system for the students. Most of all study hall is a time for learning together.
The “Village Meeting” is meant to be a time when students, teachers and parents can work together to become lifelong learners. Parent partnerships can be fun and beneficial for all the participants. Students truly enjoy working with their parents in the classroom. Basically we are all students at heart!

Written by: Angela Hill, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 26, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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