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The Highest Level of Learning

Zoe Vengala reads with her Buddy on, “just the right level” to help develop comprehension and fluency.

They say the highest level of learning is teaching someone else. These two AIG students from Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts are learning and practicing how to teach reading and other language skills. When one of the school’s Reading Recovery teachers (Mrs. Black) went out of town for a trip to Africa, she asked Mrs. Harris’s AIG class to step into her shoes. Reading and practicing every day is so important to these younger children with emerging skills, that Mrs. Black did not want them to miss one day. After a little bit of training, Zoe Vengala and Austin Maske were ready for the important role.

After meeting with students the first day, Zoe and Austin began to develop a sense of camaraderie with the younger students. They read together, built words together, and practiced writing and saying new words. “I felt loving care for her because she needed help and I could give it,” Zoe said. Austin added, “It made me feel like I was in first grade again. It was also very rewarding.” 

AIG students will work on a rotational schedule to meet with Mrs. Black’s students. This way the whole class gets to participate. “I wanted them all to have the opportunity to help another student. I also needed to keep instruction going in my own classroom. Together, Mrs. Black and I worked to figure out a rotation that would meet everyone’s needs. The AIG students are very excited to play the role of teacher.” explained Mrs. Harris.

Written by: Kim Harris, AIG Teacher, Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts
Posted: Nov 26, 2012 by Cathy NeSmith

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