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Waxhaw Students Learn About Veterans' Uniforms

During the week before Veteran’s Day the students and staff of Waxhaw Elementary were treated to a display of military uniform pieces.  The clothing was loaned by volunteers to the school, staff family members and one current staff member.

Included in the display was an overblouse worn by a female U.S. Army doctor, jackets from a U.S. Marines Dress uniform, a U.S. Naval Dress White uniform, a U.S. Army Class A uniform and a U.S. Coast Guard Dress uniform.  Also in the collection was an U.S. Air Force flight suit, U.S. Army woodland BDU’s and a pair of military boots.

In the classrooms, students were treated to videos and lessons explaining the history and current meaning of the holiday.  Hopefully, with their exposure to these items the students of Waxhaw Elementary will remember the reason they were not in school on November 12, 2012.

We Thank Our Veterans For Their Service.

Written by: Karen Wearmouth
Posted: Nov 26, 2012 by Dana Sullivan

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