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Third Grade Elections

Students in third grade have been recently studying government and elections in social studies. Students have learned about what qualities a leader needs and who our local, state and national leaders are. Students learned about different kinds of elections and worked together to discuss and determine how to be a wise and informed voter. Students were given a chance to create a campaign speech to run for classroom senator. Candidates were able to give their speeches to their class and students were able to vote on a secret ballot for the best candidate. Our four class senators for the 2012-2013 year are …. Dory Damon, Kira Durbin, Luke Lair, and Rebecca Nash!!! These students all represent great leadership qualities and are committed to serving their third grade peers and working on improving this third grade year! All students from the third grade were then brought together to listen to our class senators campaign for third grade class president. Each candidate spoke about what they would do to lead the third grade towards a successful year. After all the speeches were heard, the third grade students filled out a ballot, slipped it in the ballot box, were given a voting sticker, and waited for the results. And the winner for third grade class president is….. Dory Damon!! We are so proud of all the students for taking part in this hands on process of the election process. Third grade is in good hands!

Written by: Kate Lokash
Posted: Nov 28, 2012 by Angela Gaio

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