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International Education Week Contest

Mr. Mayhew's students pose with their 2nd place winning door entry.

CATA students participated in a door decorating contest for International Education Week in November. The decorating theme was holidays and festivals around the world. Students and teachers went all out this year.

Festivals that were represented included the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, Sago Grub Festival of the Korowai and Kombai people in New Guinea, Chinese New Year, Festival of St. Patrick, a Festival of Lights called Diwali in India, and many more. Ms. Kopchick said, “With the diversity of the doors, I think students really learned a lot of about different cultures and festivals that take place around the world.”

The globalization committee invited members of the PTSO in to judge the doors. Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Edwards spent time walking the school and evaluating each door. They both said it was extremely difficult to judge since all the doors were so well constructed.

They ultimately awarded Shelly Pentecost and Doug Mayhew the winners. Ms. Pentecost’s door represented the Chinese New Year and Mr. Mayhew’s door was Racing Around the World. The critique was based on information provided on the door, creativity, student work and neatness.

Mrs. Pentecost and Mr. Mayhew were awarded three chrome clocks to display in their classrooms. They can now observe real time in different cities of the world.

Now it’s your turn to test your knowledge of cultures around the world! Visit this link for several quick Global IQ quizzes.  


Chinese New Year door St. Patrick door
Mrs. Pentecost's door won first place. Mrs. Janicki stands by her terrific entry.

Written by: Kortney Kopchick, Globalization Committee Chair
Posted: Nov 28, 2012 by Deb Christensen

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