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Allons au café!

Julia Kloth, Kitzy Lemke, and Brittany Garshnick prepare to film their French Café skit.

Translated: Let’s go to the café! French students recently participated in a French Café video skit project. The project is an annual activity for French I students. French teacher Heather Buskard said, “It is a simple, effective, and easy way to end the unit we have been working on, which talks about being at a café in Paris. It is a project I've done in the past, and when Ms. Helms and I planned our semester we decided to take the time to incorporate it into our lesson plans.”

"I have done this lesson since I taught at Weddington High School. The kids love it every year and really enjoy watching all the skits from other students. I think they retain the vocabulary from this chapter more than others because of this activity. It's also funny to see the creative ideas that some of the kids come up with. Some of them really get into it!" said French teacher Lisa Helms.

The students had a few days to create, practice, and memorize their skit. They then filmed it using Flip video cameras.

Ms. Buskard said, “The goal is to have them imagine what it would be like to be in a French café. Their skits were to include different aspects of French culture, such as which hands have the fork and knife, and should give the students an idea of what it is like to order and eat in a café. Students typically enjoy this project, and some have told me that this project has helped them learn and apply all of this vocabulary.”

Freshman Brittany Garshnick said, “In France the job of a waiter or waitress is taken very seriously. It’s a real career job. People over there sit and have lunch for hours!” Garshnick filmed her café skit with classmates Julia Kloth, freshman, and sophomore Kitzy Lemke. A dish offered in the lunch cuisine was crêpes.

“They are a really thin pancake with Nutella!” said Julia Kloth.

French I alumnus, senior Seth Regan, remembered when he participated in the skit project. “It was a very fun and active way to learn what a café is like in Paris!”

"I've been impressed with how well the skits have been scripted and acted out. The students’ pronunciation has been incredibly accurate, which shows you how much they have practiced and prepared their skit. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of the projects," concluded Ms. Buskard.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Dec 03, 2012 by Paula White

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