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It’s Electric…Science That Is!

Learning about static electricity in Mrs. Amy Morris' classroom.

4th Grade students just wrapped up a unit of study in Science on Electricity. They began the unit, learning all about the properties of magnets. They learned and felt how the magnetic force attracts and repels objects based on the material it is made of. Students were able to create temporary magnets using the information they learned in the science PowerPoints and video clips.

Also, students learned about the flow of electricity from building a circuit, which includes an energy source and receiver. They were able to light a mini-light bulb and make a motor run. During these experiments they used switches to start and stop the flow of electricity. Then, students explored static electricity using balloons and their hair. They learned the relationship of protons, electrons, and neutrons through this investigation.

Overall, the students enjoyed learning through hands on activities. Mrs. Propst said, “This is one of my favorite units to teach because I enjoy watching their faces “light up” when they achieve science success!” We wrapped up the unit by watching a play by the Energized Guyz, that teaches how to conserve energy.

Written by: Cassie Little and Ana Propst
Posted: Dec 04, 2012 by Angela Gaio

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