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Technology Lesson Spotlight

Marvin Ridge Middle School students voting
Each month Technology Services will spotlight a teacher lesson that effectively integrates technology into classroom instruction. If you would like to submit a lesson of your own or a colleague’s lesson to be showcased in our newsletter please contact the Instructional Technology Facilitator at your school and they will submit your request for review. Below is our featured lesson for this month.
To help students better understand the election process and build civic awareness, Tom Cunningham organized a school-wide lesson for the Presidential Election. The lesson was cross-curricular. Math taught the electoral college and voting statistics, Social Studies discussed the process of elections and global issues, and Language Arts focused on bias and propaganda in political advertisements.
The lesson culminated with a mock election where students went to the Media Center to cast their votes on the “voting machines” using Google Apps for Education to see which candidate would win if the election were to be determined by Marvin Ridge Middle School.

Written by: Joey Barker, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Posted: Dec 04, 2012 by Matt Graham

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