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SAVE/SADD Club Works to Promote Safe Schools and a Safe Community

Red Ribbon Week Celebration - 300 tulips planted

The SAVE Chapter here at Sun Valley High School has had a very productive first semester. We currently have 13 members with new visitors attending every meeting, and we are garnering new interest in our safe driving, drug free, violence/bullying free initiatives. The chapter normally meets twice per month to plan events, celebrate our successes and get to know our members better.  The SVHS/SAVE Chapter has conducted a number of initiatives this year including events promoting drug free, tobacco free, safe driving, and violence/bullying free events.

On September 17, the chapter hosted a safe driving event including an informative booth, safe driving literature, candy, stickers, and a safe driving video with discussion activities.
The Chapter celebrated National SAVE Day in October of this year. We had over 700 students sign an Anti-Violence-Anti Bullying Pledge. Many of the club members made posters, wore chapter shirts, and passed out related stickers and candy.

The SAVE chapter was very active again this year in promoting and supporting the school’s Red Ribbon Week Celebration from October 23 thru October 31. They helped decorate the school in red ribbons, wore anti-drug stickers, planted 300 red tulips on the school lawn, made a RRW-Drug Free video, and assisted with having over 700 students sign the Red Ribbon Week Drug Free Pledge. SAVE members feel that the RRW events are crucial to getting out the drug free message to our youth who are just starting to drive and making life altering decisions surrounding the choice to be drug free.

The SAVE chapter planned and celebrated “Mix it Up Day” on October 18 during all 4 lunches. The event was well received and encouraged students to step out of their comfort zone, encourage inclusion, and make a new friend.

In November SAVE CLUB members met to discuss our progress, consider plans for a Holiday Party, and begin planning for winter/spring safe driving, safe school, and drug free initiatives.

We are meeting next week to celebrate our successes with a Holiday Party including pizza, sodas, cookies, and a gift exchange. The members are excited about completing this semester soon and beginning a new semester in January filled with safe/drug-free/violent free initiatives for our school.

Written by: Jim Williams, School Counselor
Posted: Dec 06, 2012 by Carrie Mabry

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