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Broadcast Students Visit WCNC

Members of the 2012-2013 PRHS Broadcast class visit the WCNC news studio.

Just before Thanksgiving students from CATA, Parkwood and Porter Ridge High Schools toured the WCNC 36 news station in Charlotte. Media Coordinators and broadcast teachers Regina Snelson, April Dawkins and Deb Christensen were the chaperones.

Anchor/Reporter Sonja Gantt was the tour guide and showed everyone the different parts of the studio and the many people in various positions who make each broadcast possible.

Executive News Director Corrie Harding spoke to the students about some of the jobs at a news station and that students should focus on all of their studies and not just journalism. He said they are often looking for experts on stories that are in the spotlight or people who can speak multiple languages.

Porter Ridge junior Heidi Sue Goss said, “Going to the news station was a memorable experience. Ms. Gantt was nice, and she showed us around the news station. We learned about how they broadcast around Charlotte and the Carolinas.”

All of the students were surprised to learn that the Charlotte station serves as the hub for all the NBC national stories that get sent to other parts of the country.

The trip had a big impact on Senior Trevor Belk, “Seeing WCNC was inspirational, as we saw how we can apply professional principles to our broadcast here at Porter Ridge. And by doing so, we can have a better show, more views and get the news to more people. After seeing WCNC, we did a show live in the library with over 100 students, signs, football players, and cheerleaders, with quality commercials and multiple cameras.”

After the tour of the building the students had the opportunity to be in the studio during the noon news broadcast. They saw how the camerawoman would switch cameras, commercials and previously filmed packages would air between the live shots and how the graphics were displayed on LCD panels behind the anchor desk.

Larry Sprinkle was at the weather center and in front of the green screen that is used to allow graphics of maps and weather to be shown in the background. All of the schools expressed interest in going back to visit another year.

Union County students visit the WCNC studio.

Students from all three schools gathered around the WCNC anchor desk during a two-minute commercial break to get a photo with noon news anchor Anjanette Flowers, anchor Sonja Gantt and forecaster Larry Sprinkle.

Written by: Deb Christensen, CATA, and edited by April Dawkins, media specialist
Posted: Dec 06, 2012 by April Dawkins

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