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What's the Matter with 2nd Grade?

Charlie and Wyatt are busy working on their experiment.

Currently, Mrs. Reavis' second graders have been observing and conducting investigations to build an understanding of changes in properties of matter. They have learned that our world is made of matter. Matter is everything we can see and also things we cannot see. Matter can change!! Our second grade classes have done well recording observations, questions, and ideas while doing experiments involving changes in liquids, solids, and gases. Here are a few of the experiments we've conducted in partner teams:

Liquids: the properties of liquids; liquids will fill whatever shape and size of the container, (same as gases).
Solids: The Scratch Test , (solids)
Gases: Gas in a Bag

As scientists, we have kept detailed science journals on all of our investigations. These journals help us understand, appreciate, and be more accountable for the science we are learning. A neat and orderly science journal will be a valuable reference when second graders take science assessments on changes in matter.
Baking also changes the form of matter. These changes can't be undone. For an experiment on December 19, we will be mixing flour, eggs, sugar, and baking powder to make cup cakes. Then we will change the colors of vanilla frosting with food coloring to decorate our cup cakes before eating to celebrate our science unit on changes in matter. Enjoy.

Brody and Hailey work on their experiments                MaKayla and Sidney work on experiments

Isabelle and Savanna are happy with their results              Ashia and Shauntelle are hard at work


Written by: Brenda Reavis, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Dec 06, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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