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Speech wins first place award at Student Council Conference

Students pictured attended the Southern Association of Student Councils conference in Orlando, FL.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." This quote from Mahatma Gandhi was the theme of Danielle Sofio's prize winning speech at the Southern Association of Student Council’s Conference. In her speech, Danielle entreats listeners to do what they can to make a difference.“Small, everyday things can make big changes in the world. A smile or a small act of kindness can make a big difference to someone,” said Danielle. These words resonated with the judges who chose Danielle as the first prize winner in the Junior Level Public speaking category.

As the winner, Danielle delivered her speech to the entire conference audience of over 800 teachers, parents and students. “I was so proud of her,” said Mrs. Corbett, one of the Student Council sponsors. “Danielle found out she won and within minutes was ready to stand up in front of this huge audience to give her speech and she did so with grace and ease.” Logan Fraser, who was sitting next to Danielle when her name was announced as the winner said, “I was so excited for her. I knew she had worked hard on her speech and she deserved to win.”

Danielle’s was not the only winning entry for Marvin Ridge. Sarah Ell, Carly McDonald and Hannah Scott also won for their entries in the Best Fundraising and Best Middle Level Project for grades six to nine categories. Both of these projects were based upon the creative and unique efforts student council made throughout the 2011-2012 school year to elevate school spirit and support a good cause.

Camp Victory Junction, a North Carolina Camp that provides life changing experiences for kids with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses, is the charity of choice for the Marvin Ridge Middle School Student Council. Over the past few years student council has partnered with them to raise money, assist and learn more about how the gift of time and money can impact the lives of others.

Students attending the conference, Hannah Scott, Anusha Tummallapalli, Sarah Ell, Carly McDonald, Danielle Sofio, Shea Tuli, Ashlyn VanNote, Logan Fraser, and Abby Mueller also did their part to make a difference in the community they were visiting. These students spent a full day in Orlando with other student council conference attendees from around the country working to help revitalize an old school. They sanded and scrubbed rusty lockers, pulled weeds, painted and cleaned up the entire school and its grounds. Abby Mueller said, “This conference was life changing for me. I grew my leadership skills and had an opportunity to give back and make a difference.”

Written by: Brita Mann
Posted: Dec 06, 2012 by Brita Mann

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