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Life Cycles: Frogs and Butterflies

Second grade is studying the life cycle of frogs and butterflies. This is their second unit in Science this year. Our students are very excited with our special guests, tadpoles and caterpillars, which we have in our classroom.

We received our two tadpoles on October 30th and put them into their watery habitat on Halloween day. They have really grown and we think we see their back legs now. As they are growing, we are recording their growth on our Life Cycle Calendar we have in our Science notebooks. We hope we will see two frogs before we leave for Thanksgiving break.

When we received our caterpillars, they were in one container. We placed them into our own cups with their food. Our cups have about two or three caterpillars that are getting big. They are moving to the top of our cup. We are looking forward to seeing our chrysalis soon. Then our butterflies. Also, we are recording their growth on our Life Cycle Calendar since November 1.

As we study the two different Life Cycles, we are amazed by how much they both have in common with us. We all need a place to live, food, and warmth to survive and grow. We are enjoying this Science unit and all it is teaching us.



Written by: Frances Rorie, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Dec 07, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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