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Learning about soil

 The third graders are studying soils and planting in our science unit. We have done many experiments to help us understand the different types of soils. One day we put water in each type of soil; sand, clay and humus. We let it settle for a few days and observed what happened to the soil over time. We also planted seeds in soil and placed the cups in different places to see which environment worked the best. We placed one seed in the window but gave it no water. We placed another in a cabinet and gave it water, but it had no light. We also made germination trays in which the seed had sunlight, water but no soil. We are still observing all of our ongoing projects.

The students are enjoying the hands-on science experiments daily. They are learning to be "scientist" by recording all of their observations in their science notebooks.



Written by: Anna Rorie, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: Dec 10, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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