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Reading Day a Success

Ms. Gaio's class gets into Reading Day!

Wednesday December 5th
Today the 5th grade classes participated in Reading Day. The children showed up to school in their most comfortable pajamas and slippers. They then got cozy with a book and spent three full hours diving into their just right books. Reading stamina is a skill that is stressed by all of the 5th grade classrooms. A couple of 5th graders, Asare Browne and Kaleb Barker, acted as reporters and interviewed several 5th graders and asked them about their experience during reading day. They asked 5th grader Thomas Bevis what book he read. “I read The Fourth Stall and finished about half of the book”. Mason Acker read Geronimo Stilton and “enjoyed it very much.”
The roving reporters asked students what they thought about Reading Day and if they enjoyed it. Daniel Rumley said it was “great”. Evan Tibbets said “I wish we could have read all day”. The two reporters investigated if 5th grade students would like to have another reading day. The response was overwhelming: every 5th grader they spoke with said yes!
All of the children made sure to practice the reading strategies that they have been taught this year. The 3 hour read-a-thon was full of questioning, predicting, and inferring. The three hours of reading was an incredibly valuable way to spend a Wednesday morning. The 5th graders at PRES definitely love reading and they showed it during Reading Day.

Written by: Andy Nicoletti
Posted: Dec 10, 2012 by Angela Gaio

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