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Can you spell equivalent?

Our Spelling Bee contestants rock!!!

Our annual Spelling Bee was held Friday, December 7th, and a fourth grader named Nimalan Subramamian reigned victorious.  Macey McDuffie, also a fourth grader, was a superstar by being the runner-up.  There were 29 rounds so the audience patiently waited through the last round.  The last seven rounds were between Nimalan, Macey and the third place winner, Luke Theobold.  The audience was transfixed as the three went back and forth spelling word after word.

The particular word that Nimalan spelled to win the spelling bee was planetarium, after spelling equivalent.  Nimalan never faltered, and this proved to be a monumental moment for him after placing third at last year's spelling bee.  

For winningNimalan will be the recipient of a Powerspeak World Language course, in addition to a one-year subscription to Brittanica Online.  The judges, Heidi Green, Tiffany McKinney, and Kathy Gwinn, thought this was an incredible experience, while Mrs. Dillon did a magnificient job as the facilitator.  After the spelling bee, families took pictures of all 18 contestants.  It was a worthwhile experience for all!  Let us hope that Nimalan is the victor and doesn't succumb to other clever spellers when he reports for duty for the district spelling bee in January.  This could be a landmark spelling bee and keep Antioch in the running for the state spelling bee.  All the words in italics were actual words in the spelling bee.  That about wraps it up!

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Dec 11, 2012 by Kathy Gwinn

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