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Porter Ridge Provides Library for Lesotho

Members of the National English Honor Society and PRHS Book Club help with packing over 1000 books for a school library in Lesotho.

A month-long book drive, over 1000 books, thirteen packed boxes, and three fundraisers later, St. Catherine’s High School in Maseru, Lesotho has a school library on the way! This fall, the PRHS Book Club and National English Honor Society joined together to sponsor a book drive on behalf of the African Library Project. On Wednesday, December 12, the thirteen boxes of books were delivered to the post office to begin the long journey to southern Africa.

The project was a result of a desire of our students to foster a love of reading and impact the world. After learning of the African Library Project (ALP) at a Worldview workshop on Globalizing the Media Center, April Dawkins, PRHS media specialist, proposed the book drive to the book club and National English Honor Society in May of last year. The National English Honor Society and book club agreed to take on this challenge.

In June, Porter Ridge High was partnered with St. Catherine’s High School. St. Catherine’s is an all-girls Catholic high school located in the capital city of Lesotho. The ALP forwarded special requests for the St. Catherine’s library to Porter Ridge so our book drive could be tailored to meet their specific needs. The sponsors of the NEHS and book club, Sarah Case, Jennie Yearick, April Dawkins, and Amanda McDevitt met to begin planning the drive at the start of this school year.

The “Help Build a Library in Africa” book drive kicked off on October 15, and within two weeks of our month-long drive. As part of the drive, we also needed to raise $300 to send to ALP to pay the shipping costs from their headquarters in New Orleans to Africa. In addition, we needed to raise additional funds to cover the shipping costs from Indian Trail to New Orleans. To raise the funds, we solicited donations from members of the NC School Library Media Association at their annual conference in Winston Salem. We also asked for donations before one of the Porter Ridge home football games, and members of the PRHS faculty also contributed. In all, we raised over $575 and sent 1,098 books.

Written by: April Dawkins
Posted: Dec 13, 2012 by April Dawkins

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