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December 'Round the World

Wingate students performing holiday songs

On Thursday, December 6th Wingate Elementary School celebrated December holidays with a performance titled, “December ‘Round the World.” The performance was held at Wingate University in Austin Auditorium. Students, staff members, and families were all invited to attend this yearly tradition.

Wingate students were led by music teacher, Paula Yurkovich. Songs celebrated the Chinese New Year, Germany’s St. Nicholas Day, Kwanzaa, Jewish Hanukkah, Mexico’s Las Posadas, and Christmas. The chorus began the evening singing four different winter songs and then each grade level presented one song. The evening culminated with everyone, including the audience, singing a Christmas Sing Along.

Wingate Elementary would like to thank everyone who helped and supported the performance. A special thanks goes to Wingate University and their generous donation of Austin Auditorium.

Written by: Carolyn McCarthy
Posted: Dec 14, 2012 by Carolyn McCarthy

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