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Technology Services Holiday Meeting

Holiday laughter and cheer resonated throughout the halls of Technology Services on December 7th, 2012 at the annual holiday gathering. The afternoon began with a catered lunch coordinated by the Social Committee for over sixty employees of the department. Lunch was followed by an informational session showcasing initiatives within the department.

As a “gift” to employees at Technology Services, Matt Graham and Josh Walker, with the aid of Photoshop, generated amusing images of their fellow colleagues. Without a doubt, laughter and tears of bliss were unavoidable!

Technology Services works as a team on a daily basis and the festivities on December 7th highlighted this routine collaboration. Sixteen volunteers participated in four separate Minute to Win It Challenges. One team guessed the number of jingle bells in boxes and arranged them in order while another team tried to move ornaments across the floor with gift wrapped boxes. On the other side of the room each team member attempted to move a gingerbread man cookie from their foreheads to their mouths, without the use of their hands, while another pair tried to blow over as many holiday cards with the need to keep one side of the card hanging from the table to obtain points! After all events were completed a tiebreaker was necessary, and as a result Jan Anderson and Cory Hardman won the entire competition!

One priority of Technology Services is to assist UCPS staff and students on a daily basis and this year the department extended this assistance to the community. Many staff members donated gifts to help a Union County family in need for the holiday season.

Additionally, multiple individuals engaged in a lighthearted White Elephant Gift Exchange within the department. Many staff members participated in this activity and enjoyed their random gifts, but for some this was short-lived because their gift was “stolen” by another individual all in the spirit of fun! The day was a success and one that will be remembered.

Written by: Rebecca Swiger, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Posted: Dec 14, 2012 by Matt Graham

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