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Celebrating 20 Years at Rogers Rd.

Current and former Shiloh administrators: from left - Samantha Adams, Scott Spencer, Rebecca Knight, Blaze, Linda Fritz, Patricia Sexton, and Michael Henderson

Shiloh Elementary School recently celebrated “20 Years of Rogers Road.” There has been a Shiloh Elementary School in Union County since 1917, but this Fall marked the 20th anniversary of this building and school site. The original location of Shiloh was on Old Monroe Road where Union Academy is currently located.

As part of this celebration, Mr. Spencer invited former administrators and staff members who had worked in this building for several years to join in on the fun. “I found the responses to be overwhelming, and we had a great turnout for the party. Shiloh has become such a part of everyone’s life who has ever worked here.” Mr. Spencer was especially pleased that former principals Mrs. Linda Fritz and Dr. Mike Henderson were able to attend. “Those are two of the finest principals I’ve met, and Shiloh’s successes are due in large part to their hard work here over the years.” Also in attendance were former Shiloh Assistant Principals Trish Sexton, Samantha Laws, and Becky Knight.

Mr. Spencer noted that this event was a “warm up” for the school’s 100th anniversary which will be in 2017. “That will be quite a celebration as well. I feel confident that we will have many more successes to share by the year 2017.” To prepare for the school’s future, he felt that it was important to respect the past. Therefore, visitors to the school will soon be able to enjoy the “Shiloh History Wall” which will be located on the main hallway. This will be a place to showcase the past while also looking forward to the future. Mr. Spencer also cannot emphasize enough how the strong community support and great children have also played a large role in Shiloh’s continued successes.

Written by: Scott Spencer, Principal
Posted: Dec 19, 2012 by Mark Greene

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