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From Poplin to the World: Cans and Coins to Help Others

Pictured left to right: Alex Griffin, Daniel Huneycutt, Taylor Raine, and Katie Goss.

Poplin Elementary School’s Student Council recently held their fourth canned food and coin collection drive during the month of December. The drive ran from November 28-December 19, 2012.  Jennifer Taylor and Kris Martino, both fifth-grade teachers, are the club sponsors.

Students brought in 962 cans and $371.64 during this time! The cans will be given to Stephenson Presbyterian Church’s food pantry to help with local hunger needs. The coins will be given to Heifer International to help with hunger needs internationally. The money will be used to purchase an animal such as a cow, a goat, or a chicken for an international family. It will be an animal that produces milk or eggs so that the family will benefit from it’s production financially.

During the canned food and coin collection drive, Beth Medlin, Poplin’s Media Coordinator, read the story “Beatrice’s Goat” to classes. Poplin staff wanted students to hear the story so students could learn how the gift of an animal such as a goat, a chicken, or a cow can change the life of a family in countries like Uganda. In the story Beatrice is unable to go to school because she cannot afford the uniform or the books. Her family is one of twelve in her village to receive the gift of a goat from Heifer International. As the goat produces milk, her family becomes more healthy, they are able to sell the left-over milk, and finally Beatrice’s dream to go school comes true. Students learned where Uganda is, what daily life is like for children in countries like Uganda, and they created “I Wonder” statements about what they want to learn more about after hearing the story. Students will continue to research information about Beatrice and the Heifer International coin project following the holiday break.

“After I read the story to students I then showed them a video of the real Beatrice chopping down banana trees and taking care of her family’s goat. Then I showed them a video of Beatrice giving a speech when she graduated college, which was possible because of the gift of a goat. Students were amazed to hear the story and then see the real Beatrice,” said Mrs. Medlin.

Across the school, students felt like they were making a worthy contribution to help people in need. Fifth-grader Jatziry Rivera-Reza said, “I think we should do stuff like this more often.” Another fifth grader, Madelyn Lewis, said “I think the canned food drive is great because we are giving something we have a lot of to people who don’t. I hope people will like what we are giving them.”

Written by: Students: Taylor Raine, Jatziry Rivera-Reza, Katie Goss, Elijah Perkins, Kayleigh Harwell, Xochi Torres, Aron Yosief, Emily Kasaev, Chloe Bays, and Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator.
Posted: Dec 19, 2012 by Beth Medlin

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