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Celebrating British Transportation Day

Parent, Pete Harrison, presented life in Great Britain on British Transportation Day at Stallings Elementary.

Recently the students at Stalllings Elementary were treated with a day full of surprises. It all started with the arrival of Jon Wilson from Fox News Rising. Kindergarten staff and students were given the opportunity to appear on Wilson's World that morning.

The staff was interviewed and told Wilson all about the day ahead. The kindergarten students worked on British worksheets depicting British royalty and created crowns of their own. They were also given the opportunity to see how a television program is filmed and produced. Later on in the morning all students were given the chance to check out a real authentic London taxi.

After the students toured the taxi, parent, Mr. Pete Harrison, talked to the whole student body about growing up in England as a young man. Mr. Harrison is the father of David, Rebekah, and Emily Harrison. He showed a presentation to the students that gave them all kinds of information about England and the transportation used there. The favorite of all, of course, was the double decker bus!

British Zebra Crossing

After the presentation, Mr. Harrison held a question and answer period where the students asked many probing questions. The students found that life in Great Britain isn't all that different than life in the United States.

Words are a different subject, though! What we would call a crosswalk in America, is called a "zebra crossing" in England. A crossing guard in America, but in England "the lollypop lady!" If you could see the pictures of these you would understand why!

All in all the day was a huge success and the students learned so much about life in England.

See the Fox News Rising video from that day below

Written by: Janice Deane
Posted: Jan 02, 2013 by Janice Deane

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