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Spelling Bee Winner!

Do you know how to spell the word “beatitude?”  If you were to ask sixth grader Shariah Gaddy, she could both spell and define this word for you. Shariah has won the 2012-2013 Porter Ridge Middle School Spelling Bee by correctly spelling this championship word. She will compete next in the Union County Spelling Bee on January 16, 2013.
Shariah Gaddy is 11 years old, and in Mrs. Wheeler’s Communication Skills class. Without studying, she correctly spelled every word for the classroom bee on November 15, 2012. The school spelling bee was on December 6, 2012, and to prepare for the school bee, Shariah delved into studying these difficult words, and her perseverance showed. She consistently out spelled her fellow sixth graders, and even out spelled the seventh and eighth graders as well.
Mrs. Wheeler was amazed by her rising to the top at the school bee because in the six years that she’s been the Spelling Bee Coordinator, it’s always been an eighth grade student who has won. Many times it’s been an eighth grade AIG student who has won the competition. Having a sixth grader win is quite unusual. In addition, Shariah was most likely the youngest competitor. Having skipped Kindergarten, she very recently turned 11, making her three years younger than some of the participating students.
Besides spelling, Shariah also enjoys singing, swimming, and playing basketball. She enjoys spelling in Spanish as well. She won a classroom Spanish Spelling Bee in third grade, and went on to compete in the school bee.
In case you are wondering what “beatitude” means, here’s Webster Dictionary’s definition:
Beatitude- Supreme blessedness, exalted happiness.
We are all guessing that Shariah is in a state of beatitude having won this year’s Porter Ridge Middle School Spelling Bee. Congratulations, Shariah!

Written by: Lisa Wheeler, Teacher
Posted: Jan 03, 2013 by Christine Courtney

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