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The World According to Martin's Marvels: Globilization through Fun and Food

Mrs. Annette Martin’s class really enjoys their globalization studies. They are studying the culture and people of many countries by sampling each countries most popular and native food. Each month a new country is introduced. The Marvels learn about the location, local customs, popular music, special traditions, and their favorite foods. Every week the class participates in a cooking activity and tasting session. They compare the new foods and graph their likes and dislikes. They write stories about their cooking experiences and enjoy arts and crafts representing each country.

This month they are studying Switzerland. The Marvels have learned about the high mountains that are covered in deep snow that is wonderful for skiing, sledding, and snow boarding. They are also very interested in the famous St. Bernard dog that rescues people lost in the snow. But most of all they are ready to taste fondue, cheese, dark bread, hot chocolate, chocolate candy, and the most famous Swiss dish, Rosti, which is fried potato pancake.

The other countries the Marvels have explored are: England, Germany, India, New Zealand, China, Russia, and Kenya just to mention a few. They have tasted exciting foods such as: mangos, sauerkraut, rye bread, shepherd’s pie, bubble and squeak, glass noodles, assorted teas, and bratwurst. The most memorable globalization activity was made possible by the Mayfair Restaurant, which provided fish and chips for a great English lunch.

Written by: Annette Martin, EC Teacher
Posted: Jan 04, 2013 by Carrie Johnson

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