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Chinese Class Performs for Elementary Students

Members of Ms. Zhou's Chinese classes recently performed a play for elementary students. Above, they pose with Ms. Rochelle Roberts' first grade class of New Town Elementary School.

Cuthbertson High School’s Chinese class practiced laboriously to perform a play for elementary school students. This play was based on the Chinese Zodiac animals. The class traveled with their teacher, Ms. Yanli Zhou, to Kensington Elementary School and New Town Elementary School on December 18, 2012, in order to put on this play for students of grades ranging from kindergarten to second grade. The Chinese class students entered the schools fully costumed and ready to perform. The elementary school students all stared, eyes widened, as “big high school kids” walked in wearing goofy clothes. 

The students loved the play as they laughed, picked their favorite character, and enjoyed learning about the Chinese Zodiac animals. The Chinese students taught the audience simple Chinese words such as “hello” and “goodbye.” The class also sang the songs for elementary students in Chinese. Feedback was positive as the elementary school teachers expressed their students’ desire to take Chinese as a language after the visit.

Ms. Patty Roach, second grade teacher at Kensington Elementary, said to Ms. Zhou, “Thank you so much for coming to share with us this morning. Your students did a fantastic job. My class wants to know when you will be back. I have several students who now want to take Chinese when they get to the middle and high school.”

Not only was this play a great learning experience for the students, but also an act of kindness for the young students in our community.

Written by: Dillon Malloy, CHS senior, Chinese class TA
Posted: Jan 07, 2013 by Paula White

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